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Beard Nets

Omni Beard nets are ideal for every business that processes and handles food. It keeps the food safe from contamination and can also improve overall quality. Beard whiskers could also cause damage to sensitive machinery, using beard nets is one way to keep whiskers from slowing down your processes.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Applications
  • Sanitary – helps improve warehouse goods by keeping hairs away from goods and machinery.
  • Breathable – the woven fabrics allow for easy air passages while keeping hair in.
  • Lightweight – is easy to wear and is completely non-obstructive.
  • Protection of beards from getting contaminated with debris.
  • For prevention of contamination on perishable products.
  • To keep sensitive machinery from stray hairs.

Beard Nets

Code Colour Qty/ctn Qty (Per Ctn) Unit Price (Per Ctn) Order Qty (Per Ctn)
37.015 White 1000/ctn
1 Ctn
5 Ctns
10 Ctns
37.015BL Blue 1000/ctn
1 Ctn
5 Ctn
10 Ctn

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