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Bench Top Heat Sealers with Cutter

Omni Bench Top Heat Sealers with Cutter is ready to help you out with your high-velocity packaging needs! It excels at sealing foil, poly tubing, mylar and other materials to create airtight packages. It also comes with a cutter, to make for easy and convenient packaging. See what else it has for you below!

We also have Teflon sealing replacements available!

  • Features & Benefits
  • Applications
  • Lasting Efficiency – it is painted with a weather-proof finish to resist corrosion.
  • Cutter – to cut packs after sealing, great for manual processes and packing queues.
  • Power-Saving – Compared to other heat sealers, the heat sealer only needs 240V, 50Hz.
  • Compact – the heat sealer fits on most workbenches. It is lightweight, making it easy to move to where it is needed.
  • Effective Sealing – equipped with a silicon rubber pad and a Teflon sealing bar to create a waterproof and airtight seal.
  • Easy-to-Use – can be done in three steps: adjust the dial to your desired heat, insert the material between the bars and press down.
  • Seals plastic tubing for waterproof packaging.
  • Seals plastic foil packaging for light-sensitive products.

Bench Top Heat Sealers with Cutter

Code Size Type Qty (Each) Unit Price (Each) Order Qty (Each)
18.004 200mm With Cutter
Qty 1
18.006 300mm With Cutter
Qty 1
18.008 400mm With Cutter
Qty 1

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