Biodegradable Packaging Tape – Omni Bio-Tape

Biodegradable Packaging Tape is one of Omni’s most recent environmental innovations. This non-toxic packaging tape is made with 100% recycled materials. It consists of a 55 micron biodegradable film with an organic adhesive liner.

This Biodegradable Packaging Tape performs similar to a regular acrylic packaging tape and is used for general purpose carton sealing applications. Biodegradable tape makes disposing of used boxes easy as the whole box including the tape can be environmentally disposed.

Custom Printed Bio Tape – Omni Biodegradable Packaging Tape can also be custom printed with any message or logo. This packaging tape can be customized to various colours and widths. Minimum order qty for custom printed Bio-Tape is 1 pallet (2500 rolls) 

Discover more about Biodegradable Packaging Tape! Click here to download the spec sheet.
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Biodegradable Packaging Tape – Omni Bio-Tape

Code Colour Size Qty/ctn Qty (Per Roll) Unit Price (Per Roll) Order Qty (Per Roll)
73.320 Clear 48mm X 75m 36
1 Ctn (36 Rolls)
5 Ctns (180 Rolls)
10 Ctns (360 Rolls)
1 Pallet (3240 Rolls)

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