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Bubble Padded Mailing Bags – Full Cover Printed

Promote your brand with custom printed mailing bags! We can customize printed mailing bags to any sizes and design.

Omni Bubble padded mailing bags are a premium solution to mailing parcels providing ultimate security and cushioning. With heavy duty bubble lamination, these mailing bags are ideal for shipping fragile products that require cushioning protection during shipment.

Printed Mailing Bags MOQ’s – The minimum order quantity for full cover printed mailing bags is approx. 10,000. If you would like less that this quantity, printed banner mailing bags would be your ideal solution. The MOQ for banner type mailing bags is approx. 2000 – 4000.

Printed Mailing Bags Lead Time – The production lead time for custom mailing bags is approx. 8 – 10 weeks.

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