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Cardboard Sheets
Cardboard Sheets
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5C Board Grade

• Ultra-Light Strength Board • Grey coloured board (both sides) • Used for light weight applications • Pallet Sheets • Pads / Partitions • 100% Recycled material

4C Board Grade

• Light Strength Board • Brown coloured board outside (grey inside) • heavy with a Kraft liner on the outside layer • Good for self-supporting products (i.e. Bottles) • Good printable surface

3C Board Grade

• Most common board grade used • Medium Strength Board • Brown coloured board (both sides) • Kraft liners on both sides with a recycled medium (corrugated section) • Good for light weight items that are not self-supporting. (2.5kg to 7.5kg)

3 Super Board Grade

• Medium Strength Board • Brown coloured board (both sides) • Same as 3 board except the material has a slightly heavier medium. • Ideal for items that support their own weight (5kg to 10kg) • Can be used for products that need to be frozen.

1C Board Grade

• Heavy Strength Board • Brown coloured board (both sides) • Strong versatile material • Excellent stacking strength • Good printable surface. • Applications vary from refrigerated goods to items that don't support their own weight (7.5kg to 15kg)

1C Super Board Grade

• Heavy Super Strength Board • Ideal for heavy weight items • Excellent stacking ability • Brown coloured board (both sides) • Commonly used for produce and meat cartons, which will travel long distances and need to be refrigerated (15kg to 25kg)

3C Twin Cushion

• Double Strength Board • Double wall construction • Brown coloured board (both sides) • Heavy-duty applications • Used for items that may need to be double stacked or travel long distances. • Excellent stacking strength • Commonly used as removals cartons

1C Twin Cushion

• Heavier than the common 3 Twin Cushion • Brown coloured board (both sides) • Heavier construction of both liner and medium • Used for a variety of applications from items that weigh over 25kg • Can be used in packing heavy duty items such as white goods.


We stock and custom make to order range of cardboard products from rolls, sheets, boxes and dividers. All used to contain and protect items during transport and storage, we can guarantee to provide the Perfect Packaging Solution.

Omni Products has the “Perfect Packaging Solution” for all your warehouse needs including having the ability to manufacturer Cardboard Pallet Sheets to suit your specific requirements.

Custom Sizing, Printing & Custom Board Grades are all availiable through Omni…

Please enquire today for Cardboard made to your specific requirements!

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