Cardboard Pallet Sheets

These cardboard pallets sheets are cut to the size of the pallet base and used to separate the pallet and the load to prevent damage. These are also used between the layers of the pallet and on top for further protection and stability. Omni Cardboard Pallet Sheets – Engineered to Perfection

Cardboard Pallet Sheets- Features/Benefits:
• 1160 x 1160mm size to fit base of pallet
• Durable corrugated cardboard
• 100% recyclable
• Protects load from dirt and splinters from pallet

Cardboard Pallet Sheets – Applications:
• Used to separate and protect layers of brick, stone and tiles
• Used widely in the transport and distribution companies and general warehouses

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Cardboard Pallet Sheets

Code Dimension Qty /Pallet Type Qty(Per Sheet) Unit Price(Per Sheet) Order Qty(Per Sheet)
06.001 1160mm x 1160mm 500 Corrugated Board
50 Sheets
200 Sheets
500 Sheets (1 Pallet)

Cardboard Pallet Sheets

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