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Cingo – Mobile Pallet Wrapping Machine

The Perfect Mobile Pallet Wrapping Solution! The Omni Motus, the world’s first mobile pallet wrapping machine, is the Perfect Solution for unloading containers of un-palletised and loose products. This pallet truck type stretch wrapping machine is battery operated with a large rotary arm to circle the pallet while applying the stretch film.

• Increase warehouse efficiency with automated wrapper
• Reduce your stretch film usage with a power pre stretch
• Save the environment by reducing your plastic usage
• Save labour costs of manual wrapping
• Prevent back injury from hand wrapping pallets

Cingo – Mobile Pallet Wrapping Machine

The Omni Cingo Wrapper is the Perfect Mobile Pallet Wrapping Solution. If you can’t move a pallet to a pallet wrapper, with the Omni Cingo you can move the pallet wrapper around a pallet. The Cingo is easy to drive and its battery allows for constant use. Its compact size allows the wrapping of a pallet in a small area. This entry level model in our range of mobile wrappers has many functions that make it suitable for almost every need. The Cingo has a robust design, made of steel rather than plastic like other machines.

Do you want 'The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution'?

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Warehouse Efficiency with Automated wrapper


Stretch Film Usage


Labour Costs of Manual Wrapping


Back Injury from Hand Wrapping Pallets

Cingo – Mobile Pallet Wrapping Machine

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Motus mobile-battery-powered

Do you want ‘The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution’?

Omni Group Brand Promise

Award Winning Pallet Wrapping Machine

Our Omni Products have received multiple awards and certifications internationally as a result of the outstanding innovation and development of our packaging machinery and consumables.

Award Winner 2015
Award Winner 2017
Award Winner 2018
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