Cingo – Mobile Pallet Wrapping Machine

The Perfect Mobile Pallet Wrapping Solution! The Omni Motus, the world’s first mobile pallet wrapping machine, is the Perfect Solution for unloading containers of un-palletised and loose products. This pallet truck type stretch wrapping machine is battery operated with a large rotary arm to circle the pallet while applying the stretch film.

• Increase warehouse efficiency with automated wrapper
• Reduce your stretch film usage with a power pre stretch
• Save the environment by reducing your plastic usage
• Save labour costs of manual wrapping
• Prevent back injury from hand wrapping pallets

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Cingo – Mobile Pallet Wrapping Machine

The Omni Cingo Wrapper is the Perfect Mobile Pallet Wrapping Solution. If you can’t move a pallet to a pallet wrapper, with the Omni Cingo you can move the pallet wrapper around a pallet. The Cingo is easy to drive and its battery allows for constant use. Its compact size allows the wrapping of a pallet in a small area. This entry level model in our range of mobile wrappers has many functions that make it suitable for almost every need. The Cingo has a robust design, made of steel rather than plastic like other machines.

Product Features

Semi Automatic / Power Pre Strech

  • Electronic printed circuit board for the management of the cycle
  • Frequency controller for rotation speed adjustment (from 1,8 km/h to 4,4 km/h)
  • Frequency controller for carriage speed adjustment (speed going up and speed going down can be set differently)
  • Maximum wrapping height: 2400 mm
  • Maximum size of the pallet: unlimited
  • Manual brake for film stretching
  • Safety stop at the base of machine
  • Power board ip54
  • Touch screen
  • Main parameters protected by password
  • Main parameters adjustable by the control panel: cycle selection, bottom wraps, top wraps, rotation speed, carriage speed going up, carriage speed going down, film tension, photocell delay, starting height
  • Reinforcing operation
  • Working cycles: up/down; top sheet; only ascent; only down
  • 20 programs can be saved by the customer
  • 3 working ways: manual, semiautomatic, fixed height
  • Acoustic warning at the cycle beginning and stop
  • Battery charge monitoring and warning message on the display when the battery is low
  • Touching wheel with quick height adjustment
  • Auto diagnostic
  • Advanced battery charger with efficiency > 85%, charging process fully controlled by microprocessor, automatic reset after connecting a new battery, protection against polarity inversion and short circuits, auto diagnostic, compensation of the voltage drop on the battery cables, normally closed power contact
  • Powder coating
  • Braked arm at the end of the cycle


Height 2505mm
Width 600mm
Length 1630mm
Machine Weight 300kg
Power Supply 240 Volt
Power Absorption 1kW

Extra Options

The World’s Lowest & Most Efficient Pallet Wrapper

  • Power pre-stretch carriage
  • Flashing lamp
  • Double wheel
  • Photocell for dark loads


Download Spec Sheet of Omni Cingo Pallet Wrapper

Cingo – Mobile Pallet Wrapping Machine

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Do you want 'The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution'?

Not a Problem WH 160 Apply Now

Warehouse Efficiency with Automated wrapper

Stretch Film Usage

Labour Costs of Manual Wrapping

Back Injury from Hand Wrapping Pallets


Do you want ‘The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution’?

Omni Group Brand Promise

Award Winning Pallet Wrapping Machine

Our Omni Products have received multiple awards and certifications internationally as a result of the outstanding innovation and development of our packaging machinery and consumables.

APPMA Award Winner 2015
PIDA Award Winner 2017
Mercury Award Winner 2018
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