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Custom Foil Bubble Wrap

Omni Foil Bubble Wrap is also known as a metalised bubble as it has laminated foil backing for temperature control packaging. Often referred to as foil bubble, its thermal qualities provide insulation during storage and transport, providing damage prevent for temperature-sensitive goods.

Custom Foil Bubble Wrap Rolls: We can custom make bubble wrap to various sizes to suit every application. Foil bubble wrap comes on large 1.5m wide rolls. These bubble wrap rolls can be slit horizontally to any width and perforated to any length for extra convenience.

Custom Foil Bubble Wrap Bags: We can custom make foil bubble wrap bags to various sizes to suit every application. Contact us to request a quote!

  • Features & Benefits
  • Applications
  • Thermal, moisture-resistant, lightweight and versatile.
  • Custom made available – slit and perforated to any size.
  • Foil bubble also available in custom-sized bags.
  • ISO9001 approved and certified.
  • Perfect solution for insulating perishables during transport and storage.
  • Used in food packaging, building insulation materials, automotive sun shields.

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