Custom Printed Hazardous Chemical Labels

Custom Printed Hazardous Chemical Labels are utilised to identify containers that hold hazardous substances. They are made from high-quality and moisture-resistant material to withstand erosion. Prevent needless risks in the warehouse and explore our Hazchem labels’ capabilities below!

Custom Printed Hazardous Chemical Labels – Applications and Uses:
• Used to alert people to the presence of hazardous chemicals
• Identify hazardous chemicals in storage areas
• Identify areas where significant quantities of hazardous chemicals in packages are stored
• Used by emergency services, warehouse and distribution, manufacturing and many other industries>Custom Printed Hazardous Chemical Labels – Features and Benefits:
Chemical-Resistant – resist damage caused by chemicals, ensuring long-lasting adhesive strength
Moisture-Resistant – resists erosion caused by moisture so that labels remain clear
Adhesive-backed labels – high-quality adhesive ensures lasting bond
Perforated – for easy and multiple labelling

Omni Custom Printed Hazardous Chemical Labels are also available in 3 sizes: 96 x 100mm, 48 x 50mm, 24 x 43mm

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