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Custom Printed Masking Tape

Omni’s custom printed masking tape is engineered with high-quality materials and processes. The tape is comprised of two important parts: the paper backing, and the pressure-sensitive adhesive.

The masking tape’s paper backing holds the adhesive while also prevents the paint to seep in. The pressure-sensitive adhesive bonds well to the surface it is applied to, but it is also manufactured to leave minimal to zero residue when removed.

Since it can stop paint from bleeding under the tape, custom printed masking tape is primarily used for painting.

It is applied over surfaces where paint should not touch. The masking tape can help create clean lines and margins when painting, and can also be used as a stencil for creative design.

Aside from painting, masking tape can also be used for light-duty sealing. It makes a great tape for sealing non-fragile materials into envelopes and parcels as it seals and bonds effectively, while also making it easy to open once received.

Printed Masking Tape Grade:
• Omni 600 – General Purpose Masking Tape

Masking Tape Print Options:
• We can print up to two colours on masking tape

Custom Masking Tape Sizing Options:
• We can make custom masking tape in multiple widths including; 24mm, 36mm, 48mm, 72mm, 96mm and 144mm
• Our masking tape rolls are 50m in length

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Custom Printed Masking Tape



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