Custom Printed Utility Mailing Bag

We can custom make Utility Mailing Bags with any print or size. These Utility Mailing Bags are made from high-quality material. This helps prevent your mail from getting torn or punctured while in transit or storage.

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Utility Mailing Bag – Applications and Uses:
• Perfect solution for protection of your product during transport or mailing
• Excellent for shipping catalogues, promotional materials, artwork, documents or photographs

Utility Mailing Bag – Features and Benefits:
• Edge Protection – Double fold corners and glued bottom flap provides excellent corner and edge protection
• Sturdy – heavy-duty, double-wall paper provides stiffness and bend protection
• Secured – secure self-seal tape closure and tamper-evident tear opening
• Custom-made – custom sizing and print available
• Environmentally Friendly – is 100% recyclable


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