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Garbage Bags – Heavy Duty 205L

Garbage bags and bin liners are available in a variety of sizes, colours and grades to suit every requirement. Also, custom made to sizes and food-grade material is also available. Omni Garbage Bags – Engineered to Perfection.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Applications
  • Black and clear plastic options.
  • Heavy Duty 50 and 100um grades.
  • Bags available on a roll and in cartons.
  • Custom made sizing available.
  • Food grade option available.
  • Used to line the inside of 205L drums.
  • Easy Rubbish disposal method.
  • Ideal for industrial waste applications.

Garbage Bags – Heavy Duty 205L

Code Colour Length Width Micron Qty per roll Qty(Per Roll) Unit Price(Per Roll) Order Qty
32.300 Natural 1500mm 1000mm 50um 100 Bags/ctn
1 Ctn
5 Ctns
10 Ctns
32.309 Natural 1500mm 1000mm 100um 50 Bags/roll
1 Roll
5 Rolls
10 Rolls

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