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Dunnage Bags – Omni

Dunnage Bags are used to secure and stabilize pallets during shipment by filling the voids in-between the loads to reduce pallet movement. Whether you transport your products via truck, railcar, sea container, vessels or a combination of these, our dunnage bags are the most effective method available to protect your goods.

Two layer inflatable dunnage air bags with outer shell of composite materials made by Kraft paper & PP woven cloth and inner bladder made by PA film, with an inflation valve sealed on the inner bladder.

Outer shell: 1 layer of firm, waterproof composite materials made of Kraft paper & PP woven cloth; weight of 155g/m2 in all including: paper of 67g/ m2 & PP woven cloth of 88g/m2
Inner bladder: PA film: PA contents of 15%
Valve: Fast-inflating spring valve

Dunnage Bags – Omni

Code Type Length Width Qty /Pallet Qty Unit Price (Per Bag) Order Qty (Per Bag)
29.103 Dunnage Bags 2200mm 1000mm 100
1 Bag
10 Bags
50 Bags
29.110 Dunnage Bag Air Inflator Gun Fast Fill Valve
Qty 1

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