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Dunnage Bags

Dunnage air bags are inflatable cargo bags provide an economical and effective method for bracing and blocking pallet loads while in transit. Omni Dunnage Air Bags are made of Kraft paper with an inner layer of woven PP cloth for additional resilience and durability. The inside bladder is made of PA film, which enables quick inflation and deflation. An innovative inflation valve seals the bladder that can be inflated with an air-inflator gun.

Download instructions on how to inflate Dunnage Bags: 

29.110 – Dunnage Bag Air Inflator Gun Fast Fill Valve
29.111 – Dunnage Bag Electric Air Pump with Fast Fill Valve

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‘How to Inflate Dunnage Air Bags?’
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  • Features & Benefits
  • Plastic lined inflatable pillow, covered with heavy duty Kraft paper.
  • Fast filling, reusable space filling bags.
  • Restrains pallet shift in containers during shipping.
  • Inflatable guns available to suit.

Dunnage Bags

Code Qty/Pallet Type Length Width Qty(Per Bag) Unit Price(Per Bag) Order Qty(Per Bag)
29.103 200 Dunnage Bags 2200mm 1000mm
1 Bag
50 Bags
100 Bags (Half Pallet)
360 Bags (1 Pallet)

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How Dunnage Bags Prevent Pallet Load Damage in Transit

Dunnage bags are the perfect solution to secure your loads in transit. No matter how you place your loads in a container, there will always be gaps between the cargo and the side walls. There will also be several voids between the pallets themselves. This will result in freight movement forward to backward during transit...

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How to Inflate Dunnage Air Bags?

Dunnage air bags provide the most economical and effective method for bracing and blocking cargo while in transit. As compared to other methods such as using lumbar blockers or strap-downs, dunnage air bags provide many advantages because they are capable of filling all types of voids in-between cargo pallets. However, the bags must be inflated correctly for the best results…

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Save Labour Costs with Automated Pallet Wrapping Machine

A large portion of business expenses are on labour costs. The labour required to do the time-consuming task of hand wrapping pallets can be automated with a pallet wrapping machine, saving thousands of dollars per year on labour costs...

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