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Elite Glide Hand Stretch Film Dispenser Stretch Wrap Omni

Simple Roll Changeover

Lift and release mechanism for unloading & re-loading stretch film.

Tension Control Knob

Easy to adjust for preferred tension to tighten load.


Offers convenience for storage (hanging dispenser on pallet rack or loading dock).

Grooved Twin Rollers

Feed the stretch wrap film through the rollers for use.

Omni’s Award Winning Pre-stretched Films

Suited to Rolled Edge Elite Wrap & PerformX Stretch Wrap.

Safeguard Base Plate

When wrapping the base, minimise direct hand contact to the ground as the base plate glides along the surface. Gain a secure load-to-pallet bond as well.

Easy Grip Handle

Multiple grip spots to allow flexibility in wrapping tall, irregular shaped pallet loads, roping & necking for extra load stability.

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Elite Glide – Omni Hand Stretch Wrap Dispenser

The Perfect Hand Pallet Wrapping Solution
Ergonomic Design | OH&S | Competitive Advantage

Relieve the labour-intensive process of manually hand wrapping pallets with Omni Group’s Elite Glide – hand dispenser & stretch film. This smart, ergonomic, one-hand operational dispenser has been designed to transform the traditional ways of hand wrapping pallets.

No longer do your floor operators have to strenuously stretch film & uncomfortably bend over to wrap loads. This continuous repetition of movement can take its toll and consequently cause fatigue, serious back pains, muscular injuries & friction burns. There is a better and safer way!

Introducing the perfect hand pallet wrapping solution that’s putting health & safety first at your workplace and meeting AU Guidelines for Manual Handling & Pallet Wrapping. Ease the pain with a competitive advantage – OH&S, optimised load containment, secure load-to-pallet bond, wrapping consistency, stretch film & time savings whilst helping the environment.

Dispenser provided FREE on Loan*. T&C’s apply.

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  • Features & Benefits
  • Ergonomic design: One hand operation, light weight, durable, comfortable & easy to use with little assistance.
  • Versatile: Multiple grip spots allow easy roping & necking for extra load stability. Flexibility in wrapping tall, irregular shaped pallet loads (C-load), hard to reach corners and base.
  • Safeguard base plate: Prevent friction burns, abrasions & awkward bends when wrapping the pallet base as you glide the base plate along the surface; minimising direct hand contact to the ground. This also secures load-to-pallet bond.
  • Quick & easy roll changeover: A simple lift and release mechanism for unloading & re-loading stretch film.
  • Magnetic component: Offers convenience for storage (hanging dispenser on pallet rack or loading dock).
  • Greater yield with less film usage for optimised load containment: Omni’s Award winning pre-stretched films have been specifically engineered to be thinner, longer & stronger. Wrap more pallets with less film; reducing cost-per-load.
  • Consistency in hand wrapping: Repetition & fatigue can cause wrapping inconsistencies. Thankfully with Omni’s solution, the trio effect of the dispenser, film & tension control ensures pallet wrapping consistency throughout the day.
  • Health & Safety: The current practice of wrapping pallets by hand results in poor posture, repetitive bending movements & poor visibility when walking backwards, this is unsafe. Gain a peripheral view by walking forward and gliding effortlessly with the Elite Glide and mitigate the risks associated with collisions, back/ musculoskeletal injuries, claims & compensation if an accident were to occur. This OH&S risk if not removed can cost businesses thousands of dollars in the workplace.
  • Save on labour, time, money & the environment: Additional savings can be found in productivity, film usage & costs whilst lowering your carbon footprint making it an economical and sustainable solution for end of line packaging.

Elite Glide – Omni Hand Stretch Wrap Dispenser

Code Description Dimension Qty (Each) Unit Price (Each) Order Qty (Each)
55.049. Hand Stretch Wrap – Rolled Edge Elite Wrap Clear 450mm x 800m
6 Rolls (1 Ctns)
48 Rolls (8 Ctns)
96 Rolls (12 Ctns)
200 Rolls (1 Pallet)
55.091. Reinforced Hand Stretch Wrap – PerformX 410mm x 500m
1 Roll
48 Rolls (12 Ctns)
138 Rolls (34 Ctns)
256 Rolls (1 Pallet)
58.050 Elite Glide Omni Hand Stretch Dispenser. Note: To be used with stretch wrap (55.049 or 55.091). 310mm (L) x 140mm (W) x 640mm (H)
1 Unit
10 Units

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