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Elite Glide® - Omni Hand Stretch Wrap Dispenser

The Perfect Hand Pallet Wrapping Solution
Ergonomic Design | OH&S | Competitive Advantage

Relieve the labour-intensive process of manually hand wrapping pallets with Omni Group’s Elite Glide® – hand dispenser & stretch film. This smart, ergonomic, one-hand operational dispenser has been designed to transform the traditional ways of hand wrapping pallets.

No longer do your floor operators have to strenuously stretch film & uncomfortably bend over to wrap loads. This continuous repetition of movement can take its toll and consequently cause fatigue, serious back pains, muscular injuries & friction burns. There is a better and safer way!

Introducing the perfect hand pallet wrapping solution that’s putting health & safety first at your workplace and meeting AU Guidelines for Manual Handling & Pallet Wrapping. Ease the pain with a competitive advantage – OH&S, optimised load containment, secure load-to-pallet bond, wrapping consistency, stretch film & time savings whilst helping the environment.

Dispenser provided FREE on Loan*. T&C’s apply.

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