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Enviro Freeze Ice Packs

Enviro Freeze Ice Packs provide longer lasting thermal protection for perishable items during transportation. Omni Chill Packs – Engineered to Perfection

Enviro Chill Packs – Features/Benefits:
• Even temperature control for up to 30 hours with no freeze burn
• Versatile to fit a host of food and medical applications
• Lightweight for freight and storage
• Retain fluid so no spoilage and easy to use

Enviro Chill Packs – Applications:
• Perfect for storage and transport of perishable items
• Used extensively for fruit and vegetables, seafood, pharmaceutical products and medical supplies

Enviro Freeze Ice Packs

Code Size Qty/ctn Qty Unit Price (Per Ctn) Order Qty (Per Ctn)
29.300 141mm X 67mm 72ml 2 Cell 856 Sheets/ctn
29.301 141mm-x-400mm-430ml-12-cell 856 Sheets/ctn
29.302 200mm-x-141mm-500ml-2-cell 1000 Sheets/ctn
29.303 200mm-x-141mm-500ml-2-cell 750 Sheets/ctn
29.304 282mm-x-400mm-860ml-24-cell 428 Sheets/ctn

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