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Film Slitter Knives

Omni film slitter knives are great to keep handy in the warehouse! Its compact and safety-oriented design makes it easy to pocket and bring along for cutting film, strapping and many other materials. Explore its range of applications and benefits below!

  • Features & Benefits
  • Applications
  • Compact – the film slitter is small, portable and can easily fit into pockets.
  • Safe-to-Use – the ergonomic handle allows for secure usage of the product.
  • Flexible – its many applications make it a great tool for warehouse operators.
  • To slit film to the desired size.
  • To cut the film to create ventilation.
  • To cut strapping, cardboard, tapes and etc.

Film Slitter Knives

Code Colour Type Qty/ctn Qty(Each) Unit Price(Each) Order Qty(Each)
20.006 Green H/duty 20/ctn

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