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Foil Bubble Carton Liner

Omni Groups Foil Bubble Carton Liner excels at shipping food and other perishables. Its straightforward method of insulating products is effective. It repels heat caused by external elements while keeping the contents inside cool and fresh on delivery. Explore its capabilities below.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Applications
  • Product Protection – the bubble lining reduces damage on your products, ensuring that it comes delivered without bruises or loss.
  • Package Optimization – the thin lining does not require a larger box, optimizing your packages and reducing shipping costs.
  • Three Layers – the three components act as a heat shield, cushioning material and a cold temperature insulator.
  • Recyclable – our Foil Bubble Carton Liner is 100% recyclable at Recycle bins.
  • Cushioning for fragile materials.
  • Insulation of perishable products

Foil Bubble Carton Liner

Code Size Qty/ctn Qty(Per Ctn) Unit Price(Per Ctn) Order Qty(Per Ctn)
24.114 650mmW x 615mmL
1 Ctn (150 Bags)
5 Ctns (750 Bags)
10 Ctns (1500 Bags)
24.115 750mmW x 585mmL
1 Ctn (150 Bags)
5 Ctns (750 Bags)
10 Ctns (1500 Bags)

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