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Glue Strips

Glue Strips are small double-sided removable adhesive pieces that securely adhere to many surfaces without leaving residue. This product is used as a fast and economical alternative to liquid glues or double-sided adhesive tapes by the mailing and arts and craft industry. Omni Glue Dots – Engineered to Perfection

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  • Features & Benefits
  • Applications
  • Strong bond and clean removal without residue or odour.
  • Instant adhesion and fast application.
  • Available in different sizes – 10mm circles and 35 x 5mm strips.
  • Ideal for mailing houses, print industry, packaging businesses and product assembly firms.
  • Used to adhere card to letters.
  • Glue Dots came in a dispenser box with 5000/roll.
  • Glue Dots are available with 1500/roll to fit ATG Dispenser for fast application.

Glue Strips

Code Size Strength Qty/ctn Qty(Per Ctn) Unit Price(Per Ctn) Order Qty(Per Ctn)
82.020 35mm X 5mm Removable 3000/ctn
1 Ctn
10 Ctns
50 Ctns

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