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Hair Nets

Omni‘s Hair Nets are great for containing loose hairs and shedding skin. It helps keep food products safe to consume while also increasing its quality. Our hair nets are also HACCP certified! Explore its capabilities down below!

  • Features & Benefits
  • Applications
  • Stops Contamination – improves the quality of products and machinery by keeping them free of contaminants.
  • One-Size-Fits-All – elastic band allows a comfortable yet secure fit for a variety of sizes.
  • HACCP Certified – excels at keeping contaminants away from food at a HACCP level.
  • Lightweight – the spun material is soft, lightweight and breathable.
  • To contain hair and skin.
  • Increases product quality.
  • Keeps food products safe to consume.
  • To keep sensitive machinery from stray hairs.

Hair Nets

Code Colour Qty/ctn Type Qty(Ctn) Unit Price(Ctn) Order Qty(Ctn)
37.012 White 1000/ctn Hair nets
1 ctn
5 ctn
10 ctn

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