Bubble Wrap Rolls Dispenser – Free Standing

Bubble Wrap Dispensers is a fast and efficient solution to dispense your bubble wrap rolls. These dispensers are heavy metal frames which is available in 1.06m and 1.5m widths and can accommodate bubble wrap rolls. Omni Bubble Wrap Dispensers can come with full-width cutting blade for extra convenience.

Bubble Wrap Dispensers – Features & Benefits:
– Ideal for efficient application
– Lift rolls off the floor to a more convenient height
– Sturdy powder coated frames
– Cutter available for convenience

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Bubble Wrap Rolls Dispenser – Free Standing

Code Size Type Qty(Each) Unit Price(Each) Order Qty(Each)
85.205 1500mm Width Stationary Stand With Cutter
85.206 1500mm Width Stationary Stand

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