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Hexcel Wrap™ – Hex Padded Paper & Dispenser

You’re environmentally sustainable alternative to bubble wrap
Eco-friendly | 100% Recyclable | Renewable | Compostable

Omni Group’s Hex Padded Paper is recyclable, responsibly sourced from renewable kraft paper. It’s lightweight, durable, versatile & low-cost due to its resourcefulness. It’s simple and innovative design effectively cushions & protects your fragile items during transit as well as save on costs and help the environment. It has the ability to interlock itself, eliminating the need for adhesives and expands to allow packers to wrap multiple items together through bundling.

Less packing material required and lightness will keep your shipping & storage costs low, while less steps involved with packing will increase warehouse efficiency & quicker packing time. The Hex Padded Paper comes on a roll that’s easy to load & unload onto the Hexcel Dispenser. For additional padding, we offer a white interleaf paper, also available on a roll and can be placed on the dispenser. All 3 components work well together to produce consistency in tension control & fast operation – easy tear with no cutting involved.

It’s natural, brown paper-based & honeycomb structure not only provides an aesthetic appeal for presentational packaging, it’s also a sustainable alternative to using non-renewable plastic bubble wrap (most commonly used in void fill packaging).

Dispenser provided FREE on Loan*. T&C’s apply.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Applications
  • Hex Padded Paper is 100% recycled and recyclable: made from renewable kraft paper that’s light weight, durable, versatile & low cost.
  • Damage protection: Offers the same protection as bubble wrap but is more environmentally friendly.
  • Sustainable design: Due to the easy recovery process of the Hex Padded Paper, it can be reused over and over again, contributing to the environment and a circular economy.
  • Interlocking design: This unique honeycomb, expandable, interleaving structure is self-sufficient in design so less packing material is used for dispatching.
  • Quick packing time: Expect a 25-50% improvement on packing speed. Packers can also reduce their cycle times by wrapping multiple items together through bundling.
  • Save on storage space & costs: 1 roll of Hex Padded Paper is equivalent to 20 rolls of bubble wrap.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Create a memorable unboxing experience with Hex Padded Paper when it comes to your e-commerce product packaging.
  • Housewares (ceramic/ glass).
  • Ecommerce, Online Retailers.
  • Pharmaceutical.

Hexcel Wrap™ – Hex Padded Paper & Dispenser

Code Description Dimension Qty (Per Roll) Unit Price (Per Roll) Order Qty (Per Roll)
91.360 Hex Padded Paper Dispenser 600mm (L) x 384mm (W) x 335mm (H) Weight: 10kg
1 Unit
91.361 Hex Padded Paper Protective Wrap (brown) 500m (W) x 250m (L) x 80gsm Roll
2 Rolls
10 Rolls
40 Rolls
91.362 Hex Padded Paper Interleaf (white) 300m (W) x 840m (L) x 22gsm Roll
1 Roll
2 Rolls
10 Rolls

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