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Inflatable Bubble Wrap Film – Airfil® Hybrid

Inflatable air bubble film for void fill packaging
100% Recyclable HDPE

Airfil®’s inflatable Air Bubble Film is designed to meet the needs of protecting, wrapping & cushioning your fragile products from shocks during transit. It’s lightweight, durable and eco-friendly being 100% recyclable (curbside & reusable).

The Air Bubble Film is inflated by the Airfil® Hybrid Inflator machine, operating at 8 metres per minute. Together with dynamic sealing technology, it’s engineered to produce uniform cushioning, puncture-resistance with no air & seal leakages. It’s your alternative to traditional bubble wrapping.

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  • Air Pillow & Air Bubble film is 100% recyclable HDPE: curbside & reusable.
  • Dynamic patent sealing technology: no air or seal leakages.
  • Compact design: the size makes it ideal for small packing lines and workstations where space is limited.
  • Versatile: capability to inflate both Air Pillow & Air Bubble film on the one device.
  • Uniform cushioning: linear pressure, temperature auto-adjustment & tension control.
  • Simple to setup & operate: automatic and semi-automatic settings.
  • Fast warm-up time: ready to operate in 10 seconds once the machine is turned on.
  • Speed & efficiency: inflates 8 metres per minute and up to 800 items per day.
  • Economical: film material is light weight & inflated by air meaning less material is required to fill the void.
  • Cost-effective: fast productivity with minimal downtime.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Bags & Suitcases.
  • Glass & Ceramics.
  • Lighting & Fragile fittings.
  • Electronic components.
  • Fruit & Vegetables.

Inflatable Bubble Wrap Film – Airfil® Hybrid

Code Type Sheet Size Suits Machine Qty (Per Roll) Unit Price (Per Roll) Order Qty (Per Roll)
87.822. Airfil® Hybrid Air Bubble Film HDPE 400mm x 450m Roll (perf. 330mm) 87.800 Hybrid
2 Rolls
5 Rolls
10 Rolls

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