Inflatable Bubble Wrap Machine – New Air Express

Omni NewAir Express Inflatable Bubble Machine is a fast and flexible inflatable cushioning system. It stays on top of high packaging demands by creating Barrier Bubble without hassle. The NewAir Express provides premium-quality cushioning to keep your products safe.

NewAir Express Inflatable Bubble Machine – Applications and Uses:
• Creates Bubble Barrier as void fill
• Manufactures cushioning lining for fragile goods
• Produces void-fill that can be used for interleaving
• Inflates premium quality bubble wrap for blocking and bracing

NewAir Express Inflatable Bubble Machine – Features and Benefits:
Fast – The NewAir Express can quickly create reels of Barrier Bubble. At its fastest, the inflatable cushioning system can make up to 20 meters per minute.
Compact – The inflatable cushioning system’s minimal size makes it easy to fit into workstations and side stands. It also takes up less space, freeing up the workstation for other important elements.
Flexible – Using the right accessories, the NewAir Express can be integrated into processes, both in-line and off. It can also be mounted to workstations or on a table-side stand.
Easy-to-Use – The NewAir Express is not only compact but also straightforward. Its interface allows easy control and configuration for your packing needs.
Needs Less – Compared to other blocking and bracing materials, Bubble Barrier requires less plastic to be optimal. Saving on space, cost and the environment.

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Inflatable Bubble Wrap Machine – New Air Express

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03.370 Express Machine
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