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Lane Marking Floor Tape – Green

Like the rest of our floor tapes, Omni’s Lane Marking Floor Tape – Green excels at assisting in warehouse organization. The green floor tape can be used to colour-code areas that contain certain types of goods. One great way to use the green tape is to use it for labelling an area that stores produce, food items, and other perishables. The green tape can also be used in photo, film, and video shoots. The green tape only reflects minimal light and can easily be overlapped with items that would be digitally added in.

Our Lane Marking Floor Tape – Green comes is available in five standards sizes. If you’re looking for custom-sized tape, send us an enquiry and we’ll provide it for you.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Applications
  • Fluid-Resistant – The Lane Marking Floor Tape is waterproof and oil-resistant, preventing discolouration and other types of weathering.
  • Cost-Effective – The tape provides a quick and seamless means of marking areas, compared to painting which would require more time, money and effort.
  • Sturdy Engineering – The floor tape is manufactured with 150-micron thick PVC and an aggressive adhesive, which makes it strong and ideal for long-lasting applications.
  • For lane and area marking in warehouses, packaging and fulfilment centres, etc.
  • Can be used to colour-code and organize areas in warehouses and other storage spaces.
  • Utilised in the theatre and entertainment industry to indicate the places of gear, props, and actors.

Lane Marking Floor Tape – Green

Code Size Qty(Per Roll) Unit Price(Per Roll) Order Qty(Per Roll)
78.048GR 48mm X 33m
5 Rolls (Open)
36 Rolls (1 Ctn)
180 Rolls (5 Ctns)
78.072GR 72mm X 33m
5 Rolls (Open)
24 Rolls (1 Ctn)
120 Rolls (5 Ctns)

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