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Machine Stretch Wrap – Euro Wrap Clear

The Omni Euro Wrap is the highest performing stretch film in the market and is recognized as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of our whole leading Omni Stretch Wrap range. Offering outstanding strength and performance, this revolutionizing film has been proven to out-perform any other stretch wraps at an International level as a result of our cutting-edge resin technology. Engineered in conjunction with the Omni Wrapping Machines to create ‘The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution’, this technology is guaranteed to reduce film usage by over 50% therefore providing savings in excess of 20% on all pallet wrapping costs.

  • Feature & Benefits
  • Increase your stretch yield to 400% – A 400% stretch yield means a 2000m roll of stretch film can be increased to 10,000m in length. This is equivalent to 6 rolls of conventional stretch film.
  • Save over 20% on pallet wrapping costs – Increasing your stretch film efficiency to significantly reduce usage, therefore saving money on overall pallet wrapping costs.
  • Reduce stretch film usage by over 50%– Using Omni ‘Thinner, Stronger, Longer’ Stretch Film you can wrap more pallets using less film, halving your stretch wrap usage.
  • Improve your pallet load containment – Omni Stretch Wrap has outstanding holding force and film memory to ensure maximum load containment.

Machine Stretch Wrap – Euro Wrap Clear

Code Dimension Micron Qty(Per Roll) Unit Price(Per Roll) Order Qty(Per Roll)
56.212 500mm x 2500m 12um
1 Roll
10 Rolls
25 Rolls
50 Rolls (1 Pallet)
Best Seller
500mm x 2000m 15um
1 Roll
10 Rolls
25 Rolls
50 Rolls (1 Pallet)

Stretch Wrap – Award Winner

Our Omni Products have received multiple awards and certifications internationally as a result of the outstanding innovation and development of our packaging machinery and consumables.

award badge 2015 appma latest op
award badge 2017 pida latest op
award badge 2018 l mh mercury i
PIDA Award 2020

Euro Stretch Wrap

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