Mailing Bags – Custom Sizing, Materials & Printing

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Self Adhesive Envelopes
Mailing Bags – Custom Sizing, Materials & Printing
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Mailing Bags – Custom Sizing, Materials & Printing
Mailing Bags – Custom Sizing
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Omni Mailing Bags have been recognized by distribution specialists as the leading suppliers in Mailing Bags nationwide!

Omni Group specialises in offering your “Perfect Packaging Solution” and can make mailing bags to any size, material, colour or print!

– Custom Printing Available
– Flood Coat Colour Printing – have your mailing bag printed your company colour!
– Large Range of Mailing Bags Styles including:
Utility Mailing Bag
Kraft Padded Mailing Bag
Kraft Bubble Mailing Bag
Courier Satchels
Bubble Padded Protective Bags
Metalised Bubble Bags for extra insulation
– Custom Sizing Available

Please enquire today for Omni Products to provide you with the “Perfect Packaging Solution”


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