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Moisture Absorbent Silica Gel Packs

Omni Silica Gel is a widely known desiccant that can be found in many of our days to day consumables. It is a glass-like, porous structure of SiO2. It is these microscopic pores that create a huge surface area, which will bind water through surface absorption and capillary action.

Under optimal conditions, Silica Gel desiccant will absorb up to 40% of its own weight. Silica Gel is a great solution for stable environments where there are limited temperature and relative humidity fluctuations.  It is unsuitable where temperatures exceed 40 degrees, even temporarily.  NOTE: Silica Gel desiccants are NOT suitable as a shipping desiccant, however can be used in packages where the risk of high temperatures is small.

Unlike mineral desiccants silica gel can be used in direct contact with organic and metallic goods. We also have available self-indicating silica gel, which at a glance a colour change lets you check if your silica gel is spent.

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