New Air Express – Inflatable Bubble Wrap Quilt Premium

Omni Groups Inflatable Bubble Wrap Quilt is an inflatable cushioning products are made of a co-extruded film with a nylon barrier which significantly enhances the air retention performance. This Inflatable Bubble Wrap Quilt a very heavy duty product used for premium protection application.

This bubble film is inflated and dispensed on-demand and on-site by the New Air Bubble packaging system. The film provides optimum flexibility in product transport and storage. The inflated product is foldable, perforated, designed to absorb transmitted shock.

Inflates on-site and on-demand, reduces the costs associated with shipping bulky material, reduces material handling time, less packaging material needed to protect products.

Inflatable Bubble Wrap – Features & Benefits:
• On-demand inflatables saves valuable warehouse space and storage
• 1 truck of IB delivers the same amount as 40 trucks of traditional bubble
• 88% of IB systems placed with customers remain for more than 3 years

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New Air Express – Inflatable Bubble Wrap Quilt Premium

Code Type Description Diameter Dimension W x L Qty (Per Roll) Unit Price (Per Roll) Order Qty (Per Roll)
03.380 Quilt Regular Perforated 91mm 50mm 400mm x 610m
1 Roll
5 Rolls
10 Rolls
24 Rolls
03.381 Quilt Super Premium Perforated 91mm 50mm 400mm x 365m
1 Rolls
5 Rolls
10 Rolls
24 Rolls

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