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Double Sided Tissue Tape

Made in Italy, our Omni 4150 Double Sided Tissue Tape is premium quality with an aggressive rubber adhesive. Custom slit to any widths. Omni Double Sided Adhesive Tapes – Engineered to Perfection.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Applications
  • Aggressive Rubber Adhesive able to adhere to HSE and LSE substrates.
  • High coat weight of adhesive assists in bonding to rough surfaces.
  • Non-woven carrier conforms easily to most surfaces and hand tear able.
  • Custom slit sizing available.
  • Mounting nameplates, signs, decals, general assembly, and general exhibition and display applications.

Double Sided Tissue Tape

Code Dimension Qty(Per Roll) Unit Price(Per Roll) Order Qty(Per Roll)
63.040 6mm x 50m
1 Roll
1 Ctn (192 Rolls)
5 Ctns (960 Rolls)
63.041 12mm x 50m
1 Roll
1 Ctn (96 Rolls)
5 Ctns (480 Rolls)
63.042 19mm x 50m
1 Roll
1 Ctn (64 Rolls)
5 Ctns (320 Rolls)
63.043 25mm x 50m
1 Roll
1 Ctn (48 Rolls)
5 Ctns (240 Rolls)
63.044 38mm x 50m
1 Roll
1 Ctn (32 Rolls)
5 Ctns (160 Rolls)
63.045 48mm x 50m
1 Roll
1 Ctn (24 Rolls)
5 Ctns (120 Rolls)

Double Sided Tissue Tape

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Not sure what tape is best for you?

Omni Products has developed an extensive range of specialty Double Sided Tapes to suitable every requirement. This premium Omni Product range has been engineered to perfection, to ensure our double-sided tapes are guaranteed to perform for the appropriate applications.

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