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Omni Air Pouch Film

This air pouch film comes compact and z folded in a carton ready to be inflated by the machine creating continuous strips air pillows that are ideal for void fill application. omni air pillows – engineered to perfection

Air Pillow Machine – Features/Benefits:
• Free Machine Rental Option Available
• Efficiently packing method – inflating 15 meters per minute
• Light weight bags reducing shipping costs
• Air pillows are a no-mess alternative to loose fill increasing customer satisfaction

Air Pillow Machine – Applications:
• Perfection solution where space in an issue – Compact void fill can be inflated just prior to packing
• Used by large volume mail houses, online ordering distribution, general warehouse

Air Pouch Custom Options:
• Custom Printed Air Pouch Film availiable- excellent way to advertise your brand!
• Inline System Set Up availiable – extra include:
– Machine Stand
– Mesh Hopper
– Extension Assy
– Machine Winder
• Other Types of Film Availiable:
– “Fastwrap” Bubble Wrap

save money

Lower Shipping Costs

Variety of pillow sizes allows the optimization of space within shipping boxes


On Demand & Fast Production

Provides air pillows on demand for fast, easy packing in semi- or fully-automatic modes

Machinery Lease Program

Free Machine Rental Option Available

Setup Air Pouch machine at no charge

reduce plastoc disposal costs

Reduces Waste & Easy to Dispose

Air pillows are a no-mess alternative to loose fill increasing customer satisfaction

Omni Air Pouch Film

Code Size Qty /Pallet Type Qty Unit Price (Per Ctn) Order Qty(Per Ctn)
87.551A 200mm X 200mm X 1220m 60 Air Pouch Film Recycled
1 Ctn
5 Ctns
10 Ctns
87.552 200mm x 100mm x 1220m 60 Air Pouch Film Recycled
1 Ctn
5 Ctns
10 Ctns

The Perfect Void Fill Solution

Discover Omni's "Perfect Void Fill Solution"

The Omni Air Pouch System is the Perfect Void Fill Solution; increasing packing productivity, reducing shipping costs and increasing customer satisfaction. These Air Pillows as a no-mess alternative to loose fill, hold goods securely in place without the ‘shift’ that often occurs with other types of void fill.

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Did you know Omni has a Bubble Wrap Production System?

The Omni AirPouch FastWrap is the industry's most flexible, reliable & user-friendly on-demand protective packaging system...

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Want to know more about Omni's Custom Cartons?

Omni stocks a range of cardboard boxes, cartons, sheets and corrugated rolls all used to contain and protect items during transport and storage. We don’t have a suitable size in stock we can custom manufacturing to order cardboard rolls, sheets, boxes, dividers and more to suit your specific requirements.

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