Omni Cingo – Pallet Wrapping Machine

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Omni Cingo – Pallet Wrapping Machine
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warehouse efficiency with automated wrapper

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stretch film usage with a power pre stretch

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the environment by reducing your plastic usage

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labour costs of manual wrapping


Omni Pallet Wrapper – Product Specifications
• Electronic Printed Circuit Board for the Management of the Cycle
• Frequency Controller for Arm Speed Adjustment (From 3 To 10 Rpm)
• Frequency Controller for Carriage Speed Adjustment (Speed Going Up and Speed Going Down can be set differently)
• Maximum Wrapping Height: 2400 mm
• Maximum Size of The Pallet 1200 x 1200 mm
• Electromagnetic Brake for Film Stretching
• Photocell for Pallet Height Detection
• Safety Stop at The Base Of The Arm
• Stop at 0 Position
• Power Board Ip54
• 4 Digit Display
• 2 Access Key (Including Lock Mode)
• Adjustable Parameters By The Control Panel: Cycle Selection, Bottom Turns, Top Turns, Rotation Speed, Carriage Speed Going Up, Carriage Speed Going Down, Film Tension.
• Many Parameters Available At Upper Password Level
• Reinforcing Operation
• 3 Working Cycles: Ascent/Descent; Top Sheet; Only Ascent
• 6 Programs Can Be Saved By The Customer
• “Yo-yo” System To Better Connect The Load To The Pallet
• Safe Oil-Hydraulic System To Lift The Pallet
• 2 Machines In One: Pallet Wrapper and Hand Pallet Jack
• Battery Operated
• 100 Pallet Autonomy (Based On Standard Wrapping)
• 2 Working Ways: Semi manual, Semiautomatic.
• Acoustic Warning At The Cycle Beginning and Stop
• Auto diagnostic
• Powder Coating
• Braked Arm at the End Of The Cycle

Extra Options
• Battery kit
• Status light
• Photocell for black loads

Height – 2349mm
Width – 970mm (2485 mm when rotating)
Length – 1846mm (3384 mm when rotating)
Weight – 290kg
Power Supply – 240 Volt
Power Absorption – 0.8kW

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