Green Fill Biodegradable Void Fill

Green fill is a popular method of filling voids in parcels to reduce movement during transport. Omni void fill – engineered to perfection

Green Fill Void Chips – Features/Benefits:
• 100% Biodegradable
• Easy to dispose – Dissolves in water with no harmful residue
• Prevents damage by reducing movement in parcel
• Economical void fill solution
• Overhead disposer available to suit to increase packing efficiency

Green Fill Void Chips – Applications:
• Perfect solution for filling voids in cartons and packages to prevent movement and damage
• Used largely by online ordering distribution and general warehouses

Green Fill Biodegradable Void Fill

Code Size Type Qty Unit Price(Per Bag) Order Qty(Per Bag)
87.003 400 Litre Green Fill Bagged
1 Bag
5 Bags
10 Bags
20 Bags

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