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Omni 90 Orbital Coil Wrapping Machine 542x542
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Orbital Coil Wrapping Machines – Automatic 90

The Omni Automatic Coil Wrapping Machine wraps and protects ring-shaped products like coils, hose, wires and rings with spiral wrap. The product passes through the ring and gets wrapped with stretch film automatically. This process ends until the product is fully wrapped.

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Increase Stretch yield to 400%Increase Stretch yield to 400%

Save the environment by halving plastic usageReduce Stretch film usage by 50%

Save your wrapping costs by 20Save Wrapping costs by 20%

Prevent back injury from hand wrapping palletsPrevent Back injury from hand wrapping pallets

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  • Upright rollers.
  • Dual wrap reels.
  • Easy reel replacement system.




Power supply: 230V I.
Engine: 0.36Kw/ 0.91Kw
Manoeuvre: 24V c.c.
Power consumption: 0.34 Kw / 0.62 Kw
Ring rotation speed: adjustable up 50 rpm / adjustable up 30 rpm
Speed inverter: Fuji.
Automat/ PLC: Omron.
Pneumatic pressure: 4 bars.
Compressed air consumption: 6 liters/cycle / 7 liters/cycle.



Award Winning Pallet Wrapping Machine

Our Omni Products have received multiple awards and certifications internationally as a result of the outstanding innovation and development of our packaging machinery and consumables.



award badge 2015 appma latest op
award badge 2017 pida latest op
award badge 2018 l mh mercury i
PIDA Award 2020




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