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Omni 200 Plus – Automatic
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Orbital Wrapper – Automatic Omni 200 Plus

Aside from being Omni‘s largest standard orbital wrapper, the Omni 200 Plus Orbital Wrapper comes with a wide array of benefits. Paired with our spiral wrap, its larger size makes wrapping wide wooden boards, furniture and larger construction materials efficient and seamless. It also comes with a variety of tools to maximize efficiency. Its primary component, the two stretch wrap reels make wrapping your goods a breeze!

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Width and height: 1220mm x 1445mm
Useful width: 1200 mm
Length: 1000 mm
Working height: adjustable.
Power: 400V III+N.
Engine: 0.37 Kw*.
Lineal speed: From 3mts/min. up to 10 mts/ min
Max. weight to convey: 75 Kg / lineal meter.
Power Consumption: 1.66 Kw
Ring Rotation Speed: From 5 to 55 rpm
Pneumatic pressure: 6 bars.
Compressed air consumption: 45 liters/cycle.
Width: 250, 166 or 100 mm
Thickness: 23, 30, 35 or 50 microns.
External / Internal ø: 200/ 38 mm
Colour: Black & Red

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