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omni 50 plus automatic
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Orbital Wrapper – Automatic Omni 50 Plus

Aside from its many benefits, the Omni 50 Plus Orbital Wrapper is mainly used to effectively wrap a variety of small or narrow items. Items like pipes, frames, mouldings, and blinds. The orbital wrapper’s compact design equipped with double stretch wrap reels and the spiral wrap makes quick work of wrapping your items.

  • Specification


Width and height: 460mm x 282mm
Power: 230V I.
Engine: 1.25 Kw
Power Consumption: 0.64 Kw
Ring Rotation Speed: From 5 to 180 rpm.
Pneumatic pressure: 6 bars.
Compressed air consumption: liters/cycle
Width: 100mm
Thickness: 17, 23 or 30 microns.
External / Internal ø: 200/ 38 mm
Colour: Black & Red

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