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Orbital Wrapper - Semi Automatic Omni 200

Looking to get your large and bulky items wrapped? The Omni 200 Semi-automatic Orbital Wrapper is ready to help you get the job done. With a machine operator, this wrapping machine can seamlessly be added into your in-line processes, keeping up with high production. This semi-automatic orbital wrapper features two stretch wrap reels for fast and seamless wrapping. This wrapping machine is designed to wrap items like furniture, doors, windows, construction materials and other large products.

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Black & Red






Width and height 1200mm x 1595mm
Power 230V I.
Engine 1.5 Kw
Power Consumption 0.55Kw
Ring Rotation Speed 5 to 55 rpm. (For configuration with speed inverter)
Pneumatic pressure 6 bars (for configuration with cutting system).
Compressed air consumption 24 liters/cycle (for configuration with cutting system)
Width 250, 166mm or 100mm
Thickness 20, 23, 30, 35 or 50 microns
External / Internal ø 230/38mm
Colour Black & Red



– Adjustable pressers
– Customized programs
– Two stretch wrap reels
– Adjustable rotation speed
– Emergency stop killswitch
– Pressure-sensitive foot pedal


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