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Pallet Heat Shrink Film – Custom

Omni Custom Pallet Heat Shrink film is manufactured from high-quality material, providing your products with excellent protection. The film is wrapped around the pallet and then is heated up. This method moulds the wrap around your pallet, bracing and securing your items. Explore our custom Pallet Heat Shrink Film’s features below!

Pallet Heat Shrink Film – Custom – Applications and Uses:
• Can be used for bracing goods
• Utilised as overwrap on pallets
• For general package/product protection

Pallet Heat Shrink Film – Custom – Features and Benefits:
Durable – the strong plastic film is resistant to tears and punctures, keeping your products secure from damage
Protective – the pallet heat shrink wrap protects your pallets from dust and moisture, ensuring it is delivered in mint condition
Cost-Effective – using heat shrink wrap minimizes damage and loss, while also cutting down labour costs
Branding – getting a well-designed logo on a custom-printed pallet heat shrink wrap not only improves customer experience, but also puts your brand forward

Need a custom Pallet Heat Shrink Film? Customisation is our specialty! We can manufacture heat shrink tubing to the size, thickness and design you need. Send us your designs, and we’ll create a mockup for you to approve. Send us an enquiry today!


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