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Pallet Shrink Tubing – Omni

Omni pallet shrink tubing is an effective method to secure and protect the pallet load. this shrink material is continuous film on a roll that can be cut to the required length to suit different height pallet loads. this shrink tubing requires a heat shrink gun to mould the film securely around the load. Omni Pallet Shrink Tubing – Engineered to Perfection

Pallet Shrink Tubing – Features/Benefits:
• Tubing able to be cut at the length to suit different height pallet
• 50kg/roll on a roll for an added convenience
• Available in 100, 150 and 200um thickness for different applications
• Custom made sizes available to suit different size products and pallets
• Manufactured from hard wearing LDPE resin
• Stock sizes to fit standard size pallet
• Black and natural coloured shrink film available

Pallet Shrink Tubing – Applications:
• Perfect Solution to Improve Load Containment & Damage Prevention
• Used to transported machinery and other large objects

Custom Sizing and Printing Available

Pallet Shrink Tubing – Omni

Code Colour Qty /Pallet Length Width Micron Film Type Weight per roll Qty Unit Price Order Qty
28.005BG Natural 16 112m 1220mm-1220mm 100um LDPE 50 Kg/roll
28.010BG Natural 16 75m 1220mm-1220mm 100um LDPE 50 Kg/roll
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