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Paperfil Machine P100 Protective Bubble Void Fill Omni No.1

Information Display:

Alarm, Mode & Length Adjustment.

Mode Change

4 options available:

1). Loading mode – slow drive for easier paper loading.
2). Pedal mode – press the feet pedal to dispense paper, cut & release,
3). Auto mode – the machine will dispense one piece of paper at a time based on your pre-set length.
4). Counter mode – the machine will dispense the pre-set length continuously to your desired amount.

Reset Button

Main Frame with Automatic Paper Jam Recovery Detector.

Adjustable Stand:

Min. 1320mm & Max.1570mm.

Paperfil Tray:

Holds 500m of Omni Paperfil 1 Ply.

Foot Pedal for pedal mode.

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Paper Void Fill Dispenser & Packing – Paperfil

The perfect sustainable paper void fill system for e-commerce packaging
Fast packing time | Cost-effective | 100% recyclable paper fill

Omni Group’s Paperfil® Void Fill System has been perfectly engineered to improve the efficiency of the packing process for small to high production lines/ small workstations that require minimal set-up & storage space.

Paper is known to be the most resourceful packing material due to its abundance and quick recovery process. Omni’s Paperfill 1 Ply is made from renewable kraft paper that’s 100% recyclable (curbside) & compostable. It’s versatility, durability, light-weight & low cost makes it perfect for void fill. It acts as a good shock absorber, protecting & cushioning your products during rough handling and transit. Less material usage also means lowering storage & shipping costs.

How it works?

To ease the pain and reduce the labour-intensive hand crumbling process, the paper is feed into the hopper, where the operator can configure the machine to pre-size & pre-cut, dispensing paper at a rate of 72m per minute.

There are 4 operation modes available made to enhance the operator’s user-experience and efficiency. As advanced technology & automation is built into this aesthetically appealing Paperfil® Machine P100, Omni continues to offer sustainable packaging solutions to the e-commerce sector. One of our key factors in product development is placing the environment in the forefront (fostering a circular economy) & meeting customer demands in the workplace.

Machinery provided FREE on Loan*. T&C’s apply.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Applications
  • Ergonomic design: This compact, free-standing machine on wheels offers the convenience for mobility & height adjustment to suit the operator.
  • Easy to operate: With advanced technology & automation, this user-friendly machine is programmed with 4 modes of operation, designed to increase productivity by 30%.
  • 4 modes available: Loading, Pedal, Auto & Counter mode. Pre-configure your custom paper length (up to 1000 different lengths) for your continuous paper run for fast packing times.
  • Auto high-speed shooter: Dispensing fan-fold lengths of paper at a rate of 72m per minute.
  • Flexibility to cut various lengths: In-built is a high quality cutting mechanism to offer convenience and speed. Much more user-friendly than your traditional perforation, requiring manual tearing.
  • Smart automatic paper jam recovery: Gain a hassle-free experience when it comes to paper jams (less than 0.05% jam rate). Low maintenance & greater uptime.
  • Longer lifespan on machinery: Double the lifespan of a conventional paper dispenser with a brush motor.
  • Eco-friendly & sustainable design: The paper fill used is renewable kraft paper that’s ethically resourced and is 100% recyclable. An alternative to bubble wrap that’s commonly used for void fill in the packaging industry.
  • Housewares (ceramic, glass etc).
  • Cosmetics.
  • Pharmaceutical.
  • Stationary, books.
  • Ecommerce/ online retailers.
  • Small to medium weight packed goods.

Paper Void Fill Dispenser & Packing – Paperfil

Code Description Dimension Qty (Per Roll) Unit Price (Per Roll) Order Qty (Per Roll)
91.340 Omni Paperfil Machine P100 684mm (L) x 452mm (W) x 324mm (H). Adjustable Stand Height: min. 1320mm & max. 1570mm. Weight: 39kg
1 Qty
91.345 Omni Paperfil 1 ply 380mm (W) x 500mm (L) x 50gsm
1 Roll
5 Rolls
10 Rolls

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