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Paperfil™ void fill system

The perfect sustainable paper void fill system for e-commerce packaging
Fast packing time | Cost-effective | 100% recyclable paper fill

Omni Group’s Paperfil® Void Fill System has been perfectly engineered to improve the efficiency of the packing process for small to high production lines/ small workstations that require minimal set-up & storage space.

Paper is known to be the most resourceful packing material due to its abundance and quick recovery process. Omni’s Paperfill 1 Ply is made from renewable kraft paper that’s 100% recyclable (curbside) & compostable. It’s versatility, durability, light-weight & low cost makes it perfect for void fill. It acts as a good shock absorber, protecting & cushioning your products during rough handling and transit. Less material usage also means lowering storage & shipping costs.

How it works?

To ease the pain and reduce the labour-intensive hand crumbling process, the paper is feed into the hopper, where the operator can configure the machine to pre-size & pre-cut, dispensing paper at a rate of 72m per minute.

There are 4 operation modes available made to enhance the operator’s user-experience and efficiency. As advanced technology & automation is built into this aesthetically appealing Paperfil® Machine P100, Omni continues to offer sustainable packaging solutions to the e-commerce sector. One of our key factors in product development is placing the environment in the forefront (fostering a circular economy) & meeting customer demands in the workplace.

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