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PET Sealless Strapping Tools – Omni

Omni Group’s battery powered strapping tool is designed for easy use due to its light weight, robust body and minimal fasteners where hot friction melt is applied to secure the PET strap & load. The body and components are made from high strength alloy materials and engineered plastics to produce a durable and aesthetic appeal.

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Dimensions: 345mm (L) x 155mm (W) x 110mm (D)
Weight: 4.3kg
Power Supply: 2 batteries required CE certified (14.8V-4000mAh 59.2Wh)
Charge Time: 90mins
Charger: 110V-240V,50-60Hz
Maximum Stretch: Stretch force within 400-3500N (the maximum depends on the quality of strap).
High Safety Performance: It can be operated by battery or an external power supply. Make sure the relay is switched off to plug into the external power supply.
  • Widely used in the paper, textile, chemical, farm, metal & logistics industries.

PET Sealless Strapping Tools – Omni

Code Description 14.8 Volt Strap Size Qty(Each) Unit Price(Each) Order Qty(Each)
54.184 PET Sealless Strapping Tool - Omni 184 16mm - 19mm
Qty 1

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