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PET Sealless Strapping Tools – Omni

PET Sealless Strapping Tools are a very efficient, effective and reliable method. These sealess strapping tool functions as tensioner, sealer and cutter all in one. They save time by eliminating the handling of separate tools. These tools are used for polyester strapping.

These electrical charged battery operated strapping tool tools simply provide a heat sealed welded join which eliminates the need of a metal seal, thus saving money and time. The “Perfect Solution” for faster production time – the machine is compact, mobile and easy to carry. Widely used within the steel, nonferrous metal, paper, stone & wood industries.

Sealless Strapping Tools – Features:

Safety – With little effort, packages such as boxes, pallets, bales and crates can be safely strapped. Products are firmly secure during shipment and storage.
Easy Operation – A serrated seal is inserted into the tool and is locked into place. The operator then threads the strap through the tool and seal. The windlass tensioning system and tension handle allow for a very high tensioning capacity.
Serrated Seal – For use with serrated seals, high seal efficiency can be achieved.

Specifications for Sealless Tool BXT2:

Strap Type: PP & PET straps
Strap Width: 12mm (H-44-12), 15.5mm (H-44-16)
Strap Thickness: 0.40mm-1.05mm, no adjustment required between 0.4mm-0.9mm,
Max Strap tension: 220kg for H-44-12, 300kg for H-44-16
Joint Efficiency: 70-80%
Net Weight: 4kg

Download User Manuals: 

Omni 183 PET Sealless Strapping Tool
Omni 184 PET Sealless Strapping Tool

PET Sealless Strapping Tools – Omni

Code Dimension W x L Type Qty Unit Price(Each) Order Qty(Each)
54.183 Suits 13mm- 16mm Omni 183 12.6 volt
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