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Plastic Mattress Cover Bags – Single, Queen, King

Protect your mattresses from dust and damage during transport & storage.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Applications
  • Single, Queen, King sizes in stock.
  • Custom made sizes available.
  • Coloured strip for size identification.
  • Bags on a roll for easy dispensing.
  • Used widely by Mattress and bedding companies to protect the product from harm.
  • Suitable for removalists to protect Mattress during transport and storage.

Plastic Mattress Cover Bags – Single, Queen, King

Code Colour Type Width Length Micron Bags/Roll Qty(Roll) Unit Price(Roll) Order Qty(Roll)
31.500 Green Stripe Single 1500mm 2250mm 40um 100 Bags/roll
1 Rolls
5 Rolls
31.501 Blue Stripe Queen 1950mm 2500mm 40um 80 Bags/roll
1 Rolls
5 Rolls
31.502 Yellow Stripe King 2200mm 2250mm 75um 30 Bags/roll
1 Roll
5 Rolls

Plastic Mattress Cover Bags

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