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Plastic Strapping Guards – Omni

Strapping Guards stops the strapping from damaging the edges of carton and allows for tighter strap tension. Omni Edge Protectors – Engineered to Perfection

Edge Protectors – Features/Benefits:
• Available in metal, plastic and cardboard material
• Cardboard Guards are rigid and durable – 4mm thickness
• Guards have ridges to hold up to 19mm strapping in place
• Heavy duty and Reusable

Edge Protectors – Applications:
• Metal Guards are galvanised for extended life in outdoor applications
• Protects the edges of load from strapping damage

Plastic Strapping Guards – Omni

Code Size Qty/ctn Type Length Qty Unit Price(Ctn) Order Qty(Ctn)
53.231 30mm X 30mm 1000/ctn Standard 60mm
1 Ctn
5 Ctn
10 Ctn
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