Pneumatic Carton Top Stapler

The pneumatic carton top stapler is durable and heavy-duty designed to seal and secure boxes in high volume applications.

Pneumatic Carton Top Staplers – Features & Benefits:
• Powered by air pressure
• Eliminates the hand and arm motions required by manually operated staplers
• Designed to guarantee your products safe and secure delivery
• Locks the cartons outer and inner flaps together tightly
• Adjustable clinch control
• Robust construction

Pneumatic Carton Top Staplers – Applications:
Perfect solution for closing the top of cartons where a very strong security resistant closure is required in high volume applications

Pneumatic Carton Top Stapler

Code Size Type Qty Unit Price(Each) Order Qty(Each)
48.015 15mm Carton Top Stapler 561/15
Qty 1
48.016 18mm Carton Top Stapler 561/18
Qty 1

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