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Poly Bags Medium (200mm To 300mm Width)

Polyethylene bags or poly bags have been the premier choice for product packaging and presentation, whether for food products or other non-perishables.

Poly Bags – Features/Benefits:
• Food grade plastic available
• Black and clear colour options
• Custom sizing and printed

Poly Bags – Applications:
• Large variety of sizes suitable for multiple applications
• Used to protect, bag and contain food, rubbish, furniture etc.

Poly Bags Medium (200mm To 300mm Width)

Code Length Width Micron Colour Qty/ctn Qty Unit Price Per 1000 Order Qty Per 1000
30.320 230mm 200mm 40um Natural
1000 Bags
45000 Bags
30.365 305mm 200mm 100um Natural
1000 Bags
14000 Bags
30.410 330mm 230mm 40um Natural 2000/ctn
1000 Bags
5000 Bags
30.435 405mm 230mm 40um Natural
1000 Bags
22000 Bags
30.475 380mm 255mm 100um Natural
1000 Bags
9000 Bags
30.515 380mm 280mm Natural
1000 Bags
16000 Bags
30.530 455mm 280mm 100um Natural 800/ctn
1000 Bags
7000 Bags

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