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Poly Strapping Kit - Heavy Duty

Poly strapping kits are the most convenient solution for first time strapping requirements with all you need in one kit. suitable for heavy duty applications. omni poly strapping kit – engineered to perfection

Poly Strapping Kit – Features/Benefits:
• Cost effective and convenient strapping solution
• 380kg breaking strain
• Also available in Steel strapping Kit

Poly Strapping Kit Contains:
• 1 x Poly Strapping in Dispenser Box Omni H/Duty 19mm x 1000m Black (50.030)
• 1 x Poly Strapping Metal Seals (Open Type) H/Duty 19mm 1000/ctn (53.045)
• 1 x Poly Strapping Sealer H/Duty 19mm (54.179)
• 1 x Poly/PET Strapping Tensioner H/Duty Omni (54.171)
• 1 x Ergonomic Omni Strapping Threader (54.190)


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