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Poly Tubing Lay Flat Plastic – Custom Sizing & Printing

Poly tubing, or polyethylene tubing, is used to contain and seal items that need secure and waterproof packaging. It is ideal for long and narrow items, but its versatility also allows it to apply to many other types of packages.

Omni poly tubing is also available for custom orders! Send us the desired size and layout in an enquiry and we’ll send you a mock-up. See what we have in store for you and enquire us about our poly tubing. Request a quote today!

  • Features & Benefits
  • Applications
  • Flexible – Poly tubing can keep up with any-sized demand. If you’re shipping high volumes of your product, this is a great packaging option.
  • Food-Safe – the polyethylene is safe for food, making poly tubing a great way to protect food items while in transit.
  • Water-Proof – Will keep your products moist-free from external forces, preserving it while it is shipping.
  • To ship food.
  • For waterproof packaging.
  • With a custom print, it can be used to convey instructions or to market your brand.

Custom Poly Tubing

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