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Reinforced Hand Stretch Wrap - PerformX

Unbreakable Reinforced Hand Stretch Wrap for Heavy Duty Applications

Omni’s Hand Stretch Wrap range is the most innovative, effective and sustainable pallet wrapping films in the marketplace. The PerformX Reinforced Hand Stretch Wrap has been  recognised to be the world’s first unbreakable stretch wrap. Recognised by the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) and the Australian Packaging Innovation & Design (PIDA 2020 – Special Commendation Award). Read Case Study.

Designed & engineered with reinforcement strips, this helps to eliminate film breakages & improve load containment. At 5 micron, the film is Thinner, Longer & Stronger with a stretch yield of up to 400%. Less film is therefore required to secure your pallet load, reducing your plastic consumption by 50% hence allowing you to save on costs and help the environment.

The lightness of the rolls also aid in practicality, making it easy to hand wrap pallets & reduce back strain. For a sound solution in hand wrapping pallets, Omni offers a Stretch Wrap Dispenser for best practice and OH&S.


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