Shredded Paper

Shredded paper gives good bulk and holding for the presentation and shipment of your product where movement in the pack is to be avoided. omni void fill – engineered to perfection

Shredded Paper – Features/Benefits:
• Clean paper shredded and neatly packed
• Clean and versatile at minimal cost
• All shredded papers are biodegradable and recyclable
• Sold per approx. 20kg bale

Shredded Paper – Applications:
Perfect solution for filling voids in cartons and packages to prevent damage
• Also commonly used by vets for animal cages

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Shredded Paper

Code Size Type Qty(Per Kg) Unit Price(Per Kg) Order Qty(Per Kg)
41.002 Approx 20kg/bag Shredded Computer Paper

Shredded Paper

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